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EV Charging


More comfort and safety in indoor and outdoor parking.

Choose cashless payment to reduce queuing. Enhance customer satisfaction with an innovative unattended payment solution.

We are already processing parking payments faster than ever in the United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia...

  • Unattended payment terminals
  • Payment acceptance through multiple acquirers
  • Accepting digital wallets & fleet cards


Extensive experience in providing tolling solutions across Europe

TECS powers the national tolling systems in Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria and Austria with industry-leading omnichannel payment solutions.
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Wide range of fleet & fuel cards

We are covering a wide range of fleet & fuel cards acceptance through connections and relationships with many providers all over the world.

As one of the best-connected payment platforms when it comes to working with fleet card providers in Europe, we continue to expand our connectivity.

fleet cards


Enhance EV charging
adaption and ease of use.

The electronic vehicle market is rapidly growing including the charging infrastructure. The customer experience needs to be seamless and frictionless, with the flexibility to pay with any card or wallet. We are a payment partner to help boost EV adoption with a convenient industry-specific payment solution.


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