SmartPOS sibilities
All-in-one, handy
& future focused

We provide a Payments Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that combines secure Android devices with an open, feature rich, and extremely well connected payments platform. Merchant facing service providers like PSP's, ISV's, and ISO's enjoy the scalable platform which is easy to integrate and flexible to adapt to the latest market needs. The TECS payment platform can be provided as a white label solution.


Increase your revenues by integrating payments

Bring in new or additional recurring payments revenues into your current business model. Resell market leading payment functionality, apps & services to your existing customer base.

Bring in new functionality using our Android Appstore

Turn your POS into a powerful tool and do things you never could with your legacy terminals. Take advantage of TECS centrally pre-signed Android business apps.We run your cloud-based app store located within the EU, you benefit from its success!

Enjoy simplified operations and easy deployment

Manage your entire terminal and App portfolio with Remote Key Injection (RKI) and efficient merchant boarding. From launch to termination - do it all remotely.

SmartPOS benefits with TECS' features

1. Always one step ahead

TECS SmartPOS is future-proof with remote key injection, fast and easy remote deployment of applications and updates via the customizable scheduler service embedded in the TECS white-label platform. The platform provides the flexibility that your business needs.

2. Peripheral troubles are gone

Networks might flicker, batteries might not last long enough. Worry no more - as long as full offline-online switching mode is active on our high-performance battery terminals.

3. Reduce your service calls

The speed and simplicity of training and onboarding is unmatched with our self-explanatory terminal operation. This helps reduce your internal overhead, and increases merchants satisfaction even more.

4. Gain additional revenue

By extending your services and the value of your software, it's easy to addrevenue streams. Whether it's hardware, monthly recurring service fees, or transactions. You decide what suits your clients best.

1. Hiring lots of new employees?

Training and onboarding are done at the tap of a finger, not through a lengthy briefing. Why not make the onboarding app available on the terminal as well? Whatever seems to make sense - your powerful SmartPOS app store supports it.

2. Make staff your fans!

Merchant employees don't like all-in-one devices because tips can't be processed? Fan cards can’t be accepted? TECS SmartPOS, with its capabilities, can process a percentage tip entry as well as a lump sum! Satisfy them all!

3. An experience so easy!

Loyalty or prepaid cards are part of the game? Smart payment methods as well? e-bill handling is a must? Then why not take advantage of TECS' single point contactless reading and display capabilities, or even combine them with the devices' built-in QR code capabilities. Scan it, tap it, swipe it.

4. Simplify the venue management

With a single tap, you create your end-of-day report and the device is ready to launch the next app. Take a deep breath and remember the days when you had cash handling issues long after the lights went out!

Our offering

is more than a terminal


Get to know our
all-in-one solution

Get your job done with a combination of state of the art POS payment technologies and PCI certified Android devices. A perfect fit in terms of simplified application management, easy onboarding and high end performance.
Secure Android Hardware

  • Distribute apps you really need
  • Rich back-office functionality via TECS PAM
  • Hosting in EU / AT
  • Configure, update and manage terminals lifecycle
  • User and role management
  • Remote key injection
Terminal Appstore

TECS as PaaS — a platform as a service provider acts as your flexible payments conductor. From simplified payment processing to enhanced customer experience. Always at the cutting edge of security driven by one single platform approach. Connect your device, take the acquirer of your choice, and get started within minutes!
Platform with rich functionality

Appstore & TMS features

The backbone of your
Apps & Device management

Our privately hosted Appstore give you remote control of your devices so you can easily manage and distribute your Apps.

Administrators can easily handle upload, management, life cycle and distribution of apps. TECS applies an automatic security screening, ensuring rapid deployment of new and updated apps.
Seamless & intuitive app distribution

Entire terminal management under one roof. Find out real-time status of terminal hardware & software apps as well as live geo-location of each device and detailed historical data. Easily download and upload new parameters and firmware.
device management

Let us take care of all the rest to ensure your business success. Thanks to TECS' fully integrated Remote Key Injection you make zero-touch deployment from anywhere.
Remote key injection

Put your own signature on it.

Fully customizable look & usecase

TECS offers a ready-to-use solution that is certified by the major payment schemes and connected to multiple acquirers with the possibility to apply your own brand identity.


Our Solution for your mobile Industry

Accept payments and...


Use ECR, POS, PMS for restaurants


Sell & Scan tickets

control tool

Turn your device into a powerful access control tool


Collect & reward loyalty points

inventory management

Ensure proper inventory management

collect fines

Start collecting fines


Manage clock in & clock out of your staff

add your app

... add your application


We simplify the complexity of payment processing

Our SmartPOS solution is based around our developer-friendly and feature-rich terminal client SDK. Check our guide to help you through the process of setting up your integration. Start accepting payments seamlessly and in no time.

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