Make sensitive data worthless on the dark web with vaultless tokenization and encryption.

Eliminate clear-text PII, PHI and payment data from your system.


Don’t let your customers' personal payment
and sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.

Digital commerce is no longer just about payments. Every day, millions of people are entering their social security number, insurance information, health history and more online. And if you don’t secure this data and suffer a breach, the results can be catastrophic, from diminished consumer trust to hefty fines from GDPR, CCPA and the card brands.



Cloud-based Vaultless

ShieldConex® protects your data the very nanosecond it enters your enterprise’s environment using hardware-based encryption and vaultless tokenization. ShieldConex ensures that PII, PHI and payment information is unrecognizable from its original format, making data worthless to hackers in the event of a breach.

Best of all, ShieldConex is cloud-based, with a simple implementation through our ShieldConex Manager® that can take as little as two days. And protecting your data with Bluefin is seamless, requiring no change to the online customer experience.


Select any data element that you want to protect, from social security numbers, to health information, to CHD or ACH Account Data


Generate the same format-preserving token across card type and utilize one common token to identify where and how your customers are purchasing

Maintain Control

Maintain control of your Ecommerce page without processing or transmitting sensitive data with our iFrame solution or API option


Quickly implement ShieldConex in 2-7 days with no costly on-premise installation or data storage requirements on your system


We take care of data security.
You focus on growth.

Using ShieldConex in your online environment provides scope reduction to a PCI self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) A, with just 22 questions.

Comply with global and U.S. regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, for the protection of data.

Meet Nacha regulations that require the protection of ACH Account Data stored electronically.


Protect Every Data Element Entered Online

  • Vaultless, cloud-based tokenization system
  • No limit to what types of data can be tokenized
  • Choice of Format Preserving Tokenization (FPT)
    or Format Preserving Encryption (FPE)
  • Tokenization through Bluefin iFrame or API
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) used for storage
    and derivation of encryption keys within ShieldConex
  • Generation of common credit card token for use
    across acceptance channels
  • Meets PCI, GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA and Nacha payment
    and data security requirements

Integrated security solutions, no matter where you are.

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