TECS’ POI Payment Application Achieves CFCF certification in line with nexo Implementation Specification (NIS)

TECS' SmartPOS payment terminal application has received the CFCF ‘nexo-ICS POI Payment Application’ certificate, which is compliant with nexo standards NIS v4.0 and enables TECS even further for global interoperability in payment acceptance.


TECS has a history of implementing protocols that serve specific purposes, with the overall goal of delivering smooth and secure payment transactions. The latest seal of approval for quality and function is an important step, highlighting TECS' commitment to providing exceptional convenience and security to its customers.

As a provider of point-of-sale payment software, e-commerce payment pages, and an omnichannel orchestration payment platform, TECS recently extended its omnichannel system.

“We have chosen to adopt nexo standards, based on ISO 20022, which offers numerous benefits including enhanced security, flexibility and compliance with PCI DSS and P2PE standards,” says TECS CCO, Gijsbert van der Poel.

nexo standards

— is an international, non-profit organization developed by leading players in the payments industry to address the lack of open and common specifications in the market. It produces specifications that enable a harmonized exchange of information between companies. nexo covers various aspects of payment processing – such as well-developed protocols, message formats and security – to reduce integration costs and facilitate interoperability across systems and borders.

Receiving CFCF certification in compliance with NIS is a rigorous process that requires extensive testing and evaluation to demonstrate compliance with the standards. TECS underwent a thorough assessment of its systems and processes to meet the strict requirements.

Unlocking Business Opportunities and Market Expansion

This certification opens up countless business opportunities for TECS. One of the main benefits of being certified is the flexibility to respond quickly to new market demands. Because the payments industry is evolving extremely quickly, having systems and processes compliant with nexo standards allows TECS to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. This allows TECS to stay ahead of the competition and further optimize its respective product offerings without the need for extensive re-testing and evaluation.

Crucially, nexo is also opening up new markets, as the standards are internationally recognized. TECS can now expand into new markets with confidence, starting with the German market, where acceptance of the domestic girocard scheme is integrated and will be available soon. This was made easier, as the requirements for girocard have been incorporated into the nexo specifications. A range of SmartPOS Android devices will soon be available, offering highly flexible customization and added value via a dedicated app store operated by TECS.


Certification compliant to nexo standards is an important move for TECS, taking its agile business model to the next level. Always with the end goal of offering fast, flexible and highly secure customer solutions.

Speaking about TECS certification, nexo standards Secretary-General, Jacques Soussana commented:

“The adoption of nexo standards provides outstanding omnichannel service and security to merchants in Germany, enabling flexibility and speed when responding to changing market demands. Using a product certified against nexo standards not only helps merchants stay ahead of the competition but also optimizes their product offerings without requiring extensive re-testing and evaluation.”

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