Payment processing... re-imagined

A native-built platform that uniquely integrates acquiring, prepaid issuing, data processing, loyalty and specialty FinTech solutions as well as enhanced POS software, gateway and switching services.

Differences that give you the advantage

Multipurpose platform
for issuing, acquiring & more

Native software that powers
the entire value chain

Fast and affordable
custom development


Powering every part of the acquiring value chain
From terminal software to merchant settlement, we’ve built and operate the complete value chain including tablet and POS applications, pay pages for mobile and ecommerce, switching, gateway, and merchant settlement – we provide it all.

Omni-channel solution
With our native omni-channel platform, supporting POS, eCommerce, mPOS as well as kiosks and front-/ back-office systems you can make intelligent risk, marketing and business decisions.

Ultimate flexibility
Let consumers pay however they want - mobile, EMV, NFC/contactless, mag-stripe, mobile, QR code, user ID/password, barcode or even bio. We cover all options and custom form factors.


Prepaid everything
Closed-loop, open-loop and hybrid prepaid cards, mobile wallets, virtual accounts, loyalty and other prepaid accounts. From electronifying B2B payments to consumer wallets, we power diverse, global fintech business models

Extensive vertical market experience
With over 15 years of experience powering dozens of vertical markets, our team has unmatched expertise in more than 20 countries, on four continents.

Form factor neutral
EMV, contactless, mag-stripe, mobile, virtual, QR or bar code – deploy the best form factor for your clients, not the form factor others limit you to.

Custom solutions

Rapid development and deployment of specialized requirements
Clients appreciate our ability to quickly deliver the most complicated custom requirements.

Native integration with the PCI regulations taken care of
Seamlessly integrated payment solutions will ensure employees, agents, customers and others are able to easily and naturally engage the services they need from you.

Experienced & innovative
Our team has pioneered many global payment innovations and we’re committed to delivering the solutions that you need to win.

Parking solutions

Acquiring and issuing banks

Network marketing companies

eMoney and Payment Institutions

Lottery operators

Mobile network operators

Insurance – medical & property

Acquirer and issuer processors

Technology integrators

Airlines and railways

Cruise lines & private yachts

Marketing & promotion companies

Internet gaming

Payroll processors

Wallet operations

Online ad & affiliate operators

Employee benefit providers

Multinational companies

Payment-service providers

Membership association

Unattended kiosks

Ocean shipping/freight