Our platform is different. We’ve designed and built a unique, elegantly sophisticated, end-to-end transaction management system. Our technology is proprietary and native, but access is open and developer-friendly. And by controlling every element of the system, and how each transaction is handled, there are no constraints to what’s possible. In fact, clients love, and we thrive on, quickly delivering what others say is complicated, if not impossible.

Multipurpose platform
for issuing, acquiring & more

Native software that powers
the entire value chain

Fast and affordable
custom development

At the core of our platform is a dynamic transaction ledger that can accommodate any type of currency or exchange value, enhanced by a robust and flexible rules engine. This shifts “what’s possible” from our developers, to our clients. We support countless transaction types, message formats and pathways to the ledger. From protocols defined by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Union Pay International and others, to proprietary networks with specialized requirements.

From the point-of-interaction or point-of-sale, to the ledger, transactions are handled by internally developed and operated software, switches and gateways. These services are also available on a standalone basis by PSPs, ISOs, acquirers, payment networks, merchants and others. Our point-of-sales software has been certified for the world’s leading terminal manufacturers including Verifone, Spire, XAC, UIC & Castles. And we have specially built, turn-key solutions for mPOS, as well as mobile and ecommerce.