Prepaid Issuing Processing

TECS powers closed-loop or network-branded prepaid accounts for any vertical market, and they can be accessed using mag stripe, EMV (contact or contactless), mobile wallets, QR code and even biometric form factors.


Offer new, creative ways to get even more benefits.

One time use

Create special campaigns or simply offer a new cashless way of paying for your goods.

E/M Shopping

Anytime, from anywhere, your clients and customers can easily pay for your services and goods.

Corporate expense

Make expenses easier to manage and handle, while taking care of business and clients.


Just like any prepaid card, gift cards are an excellent way to drive consumers into your points of sale.


Different than prepaid, stored-value is a broader concept embodying the storing and redemption of “non-currency” such as one-time event access, daily or monthly passes, or countless other types of “activities”, sold for future redemption.


Stimulate sales effortlessly by selecting exactly what you need to move.

Tax refund

No hassles required, simple, easy and fast refunds.


Make rides smoother and faster, while offering the best service possible.


Draw customers to your POS using custom offers.


Making sending money easier to handle, monitor and manage.


Explore alternative ways of paying wages, managing adherent taxes and bonuses, while staying in full control.


Give your customers more time to relax and enjoy their meal with prepaid meal accounts.

General purpose reloadable

Offer new payment gateways to suit your needs and purposes.


Set values, rules of issuing and we will worry about the rest.

Flexible and innovative, we are here to find the best solutions for you.