Mobile Payment Infrastructure

The comprehensive technology components of the TECS system includes a ledger system, issuing, acquiring, gateway options, integrated billing, payment clearing and settlement, fraud and risk management, close-loop marketplace solutions and robust custom integration capabilities, all of which allow TECS to offer mobile network operators a secure and complete payment infrastructure.

TECS capabilities extend into areas that are uncommon, but essential for a unified solution. For example, in addition to core infrastructure, TECS developed software powering POS devices, tablets and unattended kiosks for bill-payment or prepaid top-up in cash, as well as an ecommerce solution for card web payments. Moreover, the infrastructure extends to enabling a mobile network to create its own ecosystem, even its own currency, so that users can buy and sell among each other using contactless, QR, barcodes, and more.

From back-office to user interfaces, remote payment collection to 3rd party payment integration,
payment acquiring and prepaid issuing, fraud/risk and chargeback systems –

TECS is the only mobile payment provider
with a truly “complete” infrastructure.