Acquiring Processing

With TECS, you can offer every form of payment imaginable, giving your customers the ability to pay how they want. If you’re a regulated entity – a bank, a licensed Payment Institution or eMoney issuer, you’ll be joining great company.

Or, if you’re a merchant who’s interested in accepting credit and debit cards online, at POS, with mPOS, unattended kiosks, wallet loads, or using our a “click to pay” email and SMS solution – take a look at our existing partners and let us get you live in record time with one of our existing acquirer partners.


TECS supports a wide range of contactless technologies including radio-frequency identification (RFID), near field communication (NFC), and EMV to enhance payment security.


Benefit from secure links compatible with your needs and carry out transactions quickly.

POS Payment Software

Upgrade your POS to easy to use and efficient modules, while also integrating with leading ECR operators.

CNP, eCommerce

Become more flexible and offer effortless ways of payment.


No more cash registers, just use a phone, tablet or a dedicated wireless device.

Terminal Management

Benefit from a centralized transaction processing, with our solutions physical and virtual terminals.


Storing and redemption of “non-currency” such as one-time event access, daily or monthly passes, or countless other types of “activities”, sold for future redemption.


Protect consumers and reduce fraud costs.

HSM Management

Encryption and security aren’t an issue with our state of the art management system.


Make your products even more accessible with user friendly self service kiosks.

Private label

Issue and accept your own payment products, benefiting from omni-channel systems.


Phone or mail orders are easier and faster with our comprehensive solution.

POS Processing

Select the best systems for your business, whether you need equipment, virtual terminals, wireless or mobile processing & more.

ECR Integration

The best solutions for the retail segment, to make operations run smoother and increase sales.


Make transaction information exchange easy.


Reduce transaction times and increase sales with our fast switching solution.

Acquirer Partners

Trusted by great companies, serviced at the highest level.