How we do it


Secure-Cloud or processing is the fastest and most-affordable option for most clients – even with large scale or custom needs. The leverage and efficiency from our core platform is undeniable.

Processing is preferred by most clients, and in particular for those with limited technical expertise, or a need to segment PCI-required services from other data processing, or where speed-to-market is a high priority. Our platform and data centers are PCI-certified, engineered for redundancy and scale, and secure-Cloud users enjoy immediate access to our ongoing product development initiatives.

Licensed Software

Some clients, however, in particular those with specific localization regulations, have licensed our platform and operate TECS software from their data centers.


A hybrid also exists between licensed software and processing to ensure compliance with local regulations. In this deployment option, the platform is distributed so that personally identifiable data and/or consumer information is stored locally and enabling applications are delivered from our PCI-compliant European data centers.

Dedicated Solution Stack

And yet another option is a dedicated stack where our platform is physically operated from our data centers, but on a hardware stack that’s 100% dedicated to a client. There is no overlap of hardware, software or data.

This is how we do it. It’s powerful. It’s different.
And it does things other can’t do.