TECS primary go-to-market strategy is to support those who are creating end-products for users. Of course users can be corporations of all types, governments and consumers. We don’t sell directly to consumer users.


Within the corporate channel, our clients are regulated entities – fully licensed banks, e-money issuers, payment institutions that use our technology for acquiring, issuing and creating suites of corporate payment products.


Additionally, payment service providers, acquirer processors, technology and solution integrators and others all bundle or integrate our technology into their systems to enhance their capabilities. Most of these entities are industry specialists in tolls and transportation, healthcare, travel, payroll, government payments and many more.


Finally, we support high-volume, multi-national companies with complex cross-border and multi-currency payment acquiring, prepaid issuing, closed-network payment authorization and settlement, as well as natively integration requirements in which payment-processing in the broadest sense is an essential part of their operations.